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Easter Magic in the Bukovac Bike Park

On Good Friday, children expressed their creativity and skills by painting gigantic canvas eggs in the Bukovac Bike Park. Easter is a Christian holiday which...

bukovac bike park

Doček 7529: The Bukovac Cultural Station Opens Its Doors to the Sounds of Chamber Music

Doček 7529 uncovers new spaces within an inch of Novi Sad, through performances of the brilliant Novi Sad musicians, thus, an online concert of Chamber...


‘Arches of Cultural Creativity’ Exhibition

The audience will have a chance to get acquainted with traditional folk costumes from different parts of Bosnia and Srem through the ‘Arches of Cultural...

lukovi kulturnog stvaralaštva

Dragana Kuzmanović: Novi Sad has always been special with its artistic and visionary expression

Promoting Serbian national music, multinationalism, diversity of musical expression and preservation of cultural heritage of Novi Sad all describe the popular ensemble Serboplov, which was...


Works by Josip Slavenski For the First Time on the Territory of Novi Sad

‘Josip Slavenski became popular with his compositions on the European scene, not lagging behind the leading composers of the epoch, without losing the identity of...

josip slavenski

The ‘Iskon’ Band Marks Two Decades of Existence

The promotion and preservation of the musical heritage of the people who live in this area is the main wish of the ‘Iskon’ band, which...


Implementation of the ‘Hold My Hand’ project – Connecting the City and its Surroundings

‘Hold My Hand’ (Drži me za ruku) project, which symbolizes decentralisation of culture and connecting the city and its surroundings, comprises the sculpture in front...

drži me za ruku


Novi Sad holds the prestigious title of the European Capital of Culture and is one of the first cities outside the European Union to have won the title.

Bukovac Cultural Station

Big green surfaces offer the possibility for organising concerts and other programmes in the open, and the nearby court for adrenaline sports presents the backbone of cultural contents of this cultural station.

The interior of the former Cultural Centre with old projectors enables film screenings from original film tapes, thus getting a new purpose when it comes to interpretation of cultural heritage of the neighbourhood.

The cultural-artistic association ‘Milica Stojadinović Srpkinja’ with developed international cooperation, is active in the cultural station. Bukovac is focused on active citizens interested in ecology, sport and culture and is envisaged to be the new place where people can escape from the city chaos.

Cultural Content Factory.

Symbol of industrial heritage of Novi Sad continues with production, but this time producing creative and cultural content.

Place for Cultural Stories.

Former place of the first sports association in the region is now the meeting place – the place for dancing, literature, workshops and education.

Culture on

Mobile cultural station revives the neighbourhoods of Novi Sad. It brings various artistic and cultural content to the suburbs and parts of the city that are further away from the city centre.

Cultural Oasis Within City Reach.

Blend of the cultural heritage of the former Cultural Centre and contemporary processes in culture, ecology and sports represent the identity of this new cultural station.

Where Culture Grows.

The new cultural station belongs to the former working area, at the place of the former pasta factory, with the programmes designed for children.

Tradition and Modern Creation.

In the authentic Vojvodina suburb next to Novi Sad, there is the Rumenka Cultural Station which continues and improves the work done so far in the Rumenka Cultural Centre.

The Centre of Youth Creativity.

New place for culture which emerged from the legacy of industrial development of Novi Sad at the place of old factories and industrial zone of the city, the former Great Liman.


Creative district
21000 Novi Sad

Barka. (Soon)
Culture on the Outskirts of the City.

Located on the outskirts of the city, near Slana Bara, Vidovdansko naselje and Klisa, the Bukovac Cultural Station is the new place for culture in Novi Sad, and is becoming the new centre of events in the city.