Little Red Riding Hood Visited Zmaj Children Games

The ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ opera for children by ‘Visoko C’ association was performed in the Bukovac Cultural Station within 64. Zmaj Children Games.

The ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ opera for children, created in 1988, was written in two acts for soloists, choir and piano. It is intended for primary and music school students. It combines music, poetry, games, fine arts and theatre. The network of cultural stations, launched within the ‘Novi Sad, European Capital of Culture’ project, this year will be the location for a part of the programme of the 64. Zmaj Children Games, which will last from 21 to 27 June in Novi Sad and its surroundings.

In addition to the Bukovac Cultural Station, the programme will be presented in Rumenka, Mlin and Egység cultural stations. You can find more information HERE.

See what it looked like in Bukovac:


Foto: Vladimir Veličković