Funny Money

You can see the ‘Funny Money’ play by the Šmiranti drama studio in the Bukovac Cultural Station on Friday, 23 July at 7 p.m.

‘Funny Money’ is a play based on the text of the English playwright, actor and director Ray Cooney. The story is full of twists, confusion, love triangles and financial frauds. The plot arises when an ‘ordinary man’, the main protagonist, finds a suitcase with half a million euros and decides to keep it at all costs.

Cast: David Mijatović, Tijana Pejović, Marko Nikolić, Natalija Nikolić/Natalija Umljenović, Đorđe Jović, Bojana Kliska/Elena Prnjić, Miloš Malešević.

Director: Boško Petrov

Producer: Sanja Petrov

Production: ‘Šmiranti’


The play was supported by the City Administration for Culture of Novi Sad.