Concert ‘Rebranding of Serboplov’ by the Eufonija Association

Promoting Serbian national music, multinationalism, diversity of musical expression and preservation of cultural heritage of Novi Sad all describe the popular ensemble Serboplov, which was formed by Bogdan Ranković, a multi-instrumentalist from Novi Sad.

However, as the ensemble includes musicians of different nationalities from Novi Sad, with the wish of not associating Serboplov with national belongingness, but representing richness of musical expression that Novi Sad possesses, they decided to change the ensemble’s name to ‘Etnoforija’.

Besides the new name, the ‘Rebranding of Serboplov’ project by the Eufonija association includes creating visual identity – logotype of the ensemble, website, studio recording, shooting of a music video for the new song, and, last but not least, a concert that will be held in the Bukovac Cultural Station on Friday, 16 October, at 7 p.m.